Easter loans as a way to a successful Christmas

As many as 32 percents are interested in Easter loans in 2020. Poles. We want to organize special holidays, but we need additional resources.

Holidays are coming, the number of borrowers is increasing

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The number of new clients of non-banking institutions increases by 17% on average. Although we try to save and manage our finances wisely, this is not always possible.

Especially when other unexpected expenses affect us. Therefore, the average loan amount we take out during Easter is USD 900. Its value before Christmas increases by 19 percent.

Women are more likely to take loans

Women are more likely to take loans

According to research, Easter loans are more popular among women. 53% of the borrowers are women who – can’t hide – play a major role in preparing the holidays. It is usually up to them to come up with an Easter menu, prepare a shopping list, and later – prepare dishes for the holiday table.

“Budgeting is an important issue for every family, so any financial arrangements should not belong to one person. It is also important not to be guided by emotions when borrowing – let’s take the amounts that we can actually payback. Before we sign the contract, let us make careful calculations of our finances.

Thanks to this, we will find out what part of the monthly payment we can spend on settling payments arising from our commitment, ”comments Tymon, an expert at Jim.

Modern technologies improve the process of taking loans

Modern technologies improve the process of taking loans

Before Christmas, we have the impression that time is accelerating. Before we look around, instead of a dozen days until Easter, there are a few, and we haven’t really done anything yet. Fortunately, taking a loan will be the simplest of our tasks.

According to the infographics developed by Binary Lender and Lite Lender, we are increasingly applying for financial support using mobile devices. 33% of loans during the holiday season are borrowed via a smartphone. This allows you to get additional funds quickly and conveniently. We can apply at any time and from anywhere, instantly receiving a decision.

Let’s remember the loan repayment dates


If we decide on a loan, we cannot forget to pay it back. The repayment of loans taken before Christmas is 87%. Let’s try to remember the deadlines, otherwise, we will not avoid the unpleasant consequences of late repayments. They include not only criminal interest but also an entry in the register of debtors and a spiral of debt. These are not problems that should ever be on our minds, let alone not during the holidays.

If we want to take advantage of attractive Easter loan offers, don’t forget to check the payday rankings. Experts take care of their monthly updates. Therefore, we will quickly find out which proposals of financial products will allow us to get additional funds and not worry about finances.