Easter loans as a way to a successful Christmas

As many as 32 percents are interested in Easter loans in 2020. Poles. We want to organize special holidays, but we need additional resources. Holidays are coming, the number of borrowers is increasing The number of new clients of non-banking institutions increases by 17% on average. Although we try to save and manage our finances wisely, this

Debt Recovery Loan can be taken out for various reasons

A loan for debt restructuring can put life back on the right track, provided the restructuring is done properly. The article explains the most important key points to consider. Debt restructuring loan - a chance to restart A loan can be taken out for various reasons. It is often the desire to consume. Everything is always so

Is the lightning credit serious?

Voices on the net keep saying that it is not possible to get a loan within 24 hours. This is said to be dubious and one should be careful about such providers. But, is this really the truth? Who is actually behind the offers? With this article we would like to remove all prejudices against

How will the credit act affect intermediaries?

The credit intermediary acts as a bridge between the client and the bank. Its task is to offer credit products to the consumer (e.g. cash loan). Who is a credit broker? As part of the services provided, the broker gives advice to the client, helping in choosing the right offer. Furthermore, it has the right to conclude

Loan for pensioners will increase their creditworthiness?

Retirement and disability pensions in Poland are collected by almost 9 million. people. The lowest pension on the Vistula is USD 1,000 gross. Will there be credit loans for pensioners? It is twice less than the minimum wage. Such a low benefit must be taken into account by people who have small work experience. For women, it

Mini Loans – All providers compared

It is not always the big issue that causes problems. Sometimes it's maybe a hundred or two hundred USD that are missing at the end of the month. With a mini loan, these short-term bottlenecks can be avoided. The money is in the account within a short time, the repayment rates are low and the

30 days credit providers compared with maximum amount

We show you from which providers you can get a 30 day loan. An overview of all providers of 30-day loans With a 30 day loan , you will receive a maximum loan amount of $ 3,000, because with such a short term, the repayment must be made within 30 days. Alternatively, there are also short loans

When does the loan tax apply?

Reports indicate that we still borrow from loved ones. This is because we usually trust our friends and family members. For security reasons, we should always sign a contract. Private loans or online loans? Our preferences What do we need funds for? As research shows, we usually borrow for renovation. Yes declares 37 percent. respondents. Another need